How It Works

Three easy steps and you're on your way.

Check out the sample fitness goals or invent one yourself. Ask yourself, “How can I stretch myself in some way, whether in the day-to-day discipline to train (or abstain, like from carbs), the physical fortitude, or the will to say I’m going to put down the remote and head out the door?” When you register, we’ll ask you for your goal and your deadline, and they will appear on the personal FBF web page that you create.

If you think training makes you sweat, wait till you have to ask people for money! But wait – it’s for an important cause. Every dollar you raise helps us to fund innovative projects in the fight against pediatric cancer so it’s not like you’re asking for money to go on a cruise or a shopping spree at Neiman’s. People should feel good that you're giving them the opportunity to help make a difference.  Be bold and you'll be surprised at the positive vibes you get when people hear what you're doing.

Your donors support you in achieving your fitness goal with a contribution to the JWF. They also give you encouragement, good-natured ribbing, lay on the guilt, whatever it takes to keep you going…and the donation helps to lay it all on the line. We have a sample email that you can send to people to recruit them and you can find tips in our Fundraising Toolkit for spreading the word through social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Some donors may stay on top of your progress every step of the way while others may donate and disappear…either way, they’re helping to make a difference.
Start your training (or abstaining.) You can use your personal FBF web page to share your incredible feats of will and strength, or confess your shameful lack of resolve, or for nothing at all if you’d rather just spend your time at the gym. But either way, when you’ve reached your goal, please let us know! Everyone will be proud and you will have earned the credit for getting fit -- and fighting back against pediatric cancer.

"Self-control is the ultimate freedom."
                                                - Jake Wetchler


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