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The Inspiration Behind Fight Back with Fitness:  Jake and Capecci
The summer of his sophomore year in high school, Jake went to Camp Ramah with a young man named Danny Capecci.
"Capecci" was a big guy standing six feet tall. Over the years, he had been steadily putting on weight and by that summer, he tipped the scales at 285 pounds. His parents were concerned and made him a deal: if he could lose thirty pounds by the end of camp, they would buy him a car for his birthday.
One day, Capecci was talking about the deal with a friend at camp.  Jake, who loved working out and that summer had done 1,000 push-ups in a day just for the fun of it, overheard the conversation. He walked over and said, "Hey, Capecci. If you really want to lose thirty pounds, I can get you there. It's not going to be easy and you have to listen to everything I say. But if you trust me, we can do this." The two guys agreed, and the fitness program began.
Jake sat with Capecci at every meal and told him exactly what he could and couldn't eat... low carbs, high protein, no snacks except fruit. As a reward, Capecci got one cookie a week. During rest time, when everyone else was hanging out at the bunk, Jake and Capecci exercised, doing push-ups and jumping jacks, and running laps around camp while listening to classic '80s pump-up music. Jake pushed Capecci every day and wouldn't let him quit, constantly telling him, "You can do it." Capecci, in turn, went full force and eventually became so dedicated that when offered, he refused the weekly cookie.
By the end of the summer, Capecci lost not just thirty but a total of forty pounds. For his birthday, he got the car.
It's remarkable what you can achieve in terms of health and fitness when you dedicate yourself to a goal and have the support of people who believe in you--and that's the inspiration behind Fight Back with Fitness.
"Jake set me on a path to a healthier lifestyle...
I just hope my story will inspire others the way Jake inspired me"
-- Capecci

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